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International Festival “One minute quarantine”

Special section/ no quarantines

Those interested can submit their works in both professional and amateur sections in both internal and external sections to the festival secretariat at http// or dedicated to the Instagram page of this festival at @One_minute_Quarantine and Telegram channel https//t. Send us/One_minute_Qurantine.

The works received by Hossein Shavandi, Soraya Teymouri and Maryam Adibi will be reviewed and then judged by the jury, including Reza Banafshehkhah, Saeed Soltani, Vahid Mosaian, Gholam Hossein Shah Ali, Sirus Kahourinejad, Azita Mogoi, Saghar Khajeh Amiri. Those who are interested can send their works to the secretariat of the festival located in Milad Tower of Tehran from May 10 to June 10.

Those who are interested can send their works to the secretariat of the festival located in Milad Tower of Tehran from ordibehesht 20 to khordad 10.

Preizes: Amateur section: the first three people :for each eight million rials - the second three :for each six million rials - the third three for five million rials each.  Professional section: the first three are 20 million Rials each - the second three are 10 million Rials each - the third three are 7 million Rials each.

International Section: The first two are $ 400 each - the second two are $ 300 each - the third two are $ 250 each.

The festival is organized in collaboration with the Khoshnegar Cultural and Artistic Institute.


Undoubtedly, this experience is starting another point for all human beings to continue living. That's why we decided to organize the Mobile International Short Film Festival as a quarantine minute, to test public creativity in the lack of facilities and lack of access to professional tools and equipment, and to make the best of the least. “One-Minute Quarantine” the Mobile Film Festival is defined on a variety of topics, including the quarantine, life, love / religion. family, children, helping the poor, helping others. / mental / domestic violence, loneliness experience, self-discovery. / Special Diseases, the Elderly. Special sections , no quarantines.


According to Milad Tower Public Relations, the festival was launched with the aim of sharing the experiences of the people of the world during the quarantine period to fight the virus of Quaid 19, from the frame of their cameras, sweet, bitter experiences, nostalgia, unemployment, happiness and depict hope and even death.  The text of the call for the festival reads: "In modern history, human beings have never experienced such a pervasive illness that they experience common fears, trapped in their homes.